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Crafted by Cleetus

Cleetus Heatus Award Winning Bloody Mary Mix

The Cleetus Heatus Bloody Mary has been voted “Best Bloody Mary in Chicago” by Chicago Tribune, Time Out Chicago, and Chicagoist. Rich in flavors of ripe tomato, bright citrus, and zingy horseradish, this versatile mix is limited only by your imagination and what you stock in your home bar.

Straight up? Getting your daily dose of vitamins! Vodka? Gin? Of course! Smoky mezcal? Yes, please!

What does Cleetus recommend? Blend with Aquavit to deliver the essence of caraway and one stellar Bloody Mary!

Ingredients: Organic tomato juice, horseradish, fresh lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, hot sauce

Plays well with: salami, pickles, Charles Mingus, a smooth beer back, Sunday mornings


Cleetus Heatus Hot Sauces

Cleetus Heatus Hot Sauces are made with fresh, all natural ingredients, and no preservatives. As the pepper mash cooks, we slowly add a fine drinking bourbon allowing for maximum flavor melding. The first, Bourbon Serrano, combines the spicy zip of serrano pepper with the subtle sweetness of bourbon for a flavorful, medium spice. The second, Bourbon Habanero, turns up the heat with well-proportioned habanero, allowing the combining flavors of tomato, bourbon, and lime to dance across the palette.

Bourbon Habanero

Heat Meter (1-5): 5

Use on: Pizza, meats, soups

Plays well with: Old Fashioned on the rocks, hoppy beers like Half Acre Daisy Cutter, Beastie Boys, Sauvignon Blanc, fried shrimp

Ingredients: Tomato, onion, lime juice, vinegar, Habanero pepper, garlic, cilantro, bourbon whiskey, sea salt, black pepper, cayenne powder, celery salt


Bourbon Serrano

Heat Meter (1-5): 3

Use on: Egg dishes, grilled vegetables, mac & cheese, tacos, anything! So versatile!

Plays well with: Palomas, light lagers like Pinner by Oscar Blues, a good rose, Radiohead, late night cravings

Ingredients: Tomato, onion, lime juice, vinegar, Serrano pepper, garlic, cilantro, bourbon whiskey, sea salt, black pepper, cayenne powder, celery salt


Where to Buy

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"I took the Bloody Mary mix over to share with my booze & brunch-loving neighbors one Saturday morning. The overwhelming response was that they all said it tasted just like a homemade mix. The bottle did not last very long at all."
- Adam Bankovich, Sr. Manager National Accounts – Eastern US, Stone Brewing Co.