Portobello and Bleu Cheese Crostini – Crafted by Cleetus

Crafted by Cleetus

Portobello and Bleu Cheese Crostini

What you need:
10 ounces portobellos
olive oil
2 tbsp minced shallots
1 C heavy cream
4 ounces roth kase buttermilk bleu cheese
sea salt, fine
fresh cracked pepper

How to make it work:
clean portobellos and cut into ¼ inch pieces. Place enough olive oil in a pan to coat the bottom. Cook shallots until brown. Add the mushrooms and cook over a medium-high heat. Cook until the mushrooms begin to soften.
Add cream and cook until the liquid is reduced by 3/4 , probably about 5 minutes. Whisk in crumbled bleu cheese and season with salt and pepper.
Place ½ teaspoon or so on a crostini and garnish with fried spinach or arugula.