Recipes – Crafted by Cleetus

Crafted by Cleetus

Welcome to some of my favorite recipes. Many of these recipes may contain seasonal items so be sure to get them from the best source possible when in season. Please improvise and have fun with them. It’s your kitchen so feel free to use your favorite “fill-in-the-blank” if my recipe calls for a vague ingredient.

Good luck, be creative, and show me how you made these recipes your own! #CraftedByCleetus



  • Use the best ingredients you can find. Always.
  • Buy beer/wine/booze you’ll enjoy drinking when incorporating them into your recipes.
  • Mind your knife skills.
  • Taste as you go.


  • Take these (or any recipes) as bond. Make something once, then go back and play around to make them your own.
  • Look up while dicing vegetables.
  • Overseason.
  • Apologize.